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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's Go Camping... INSIDE!

One of Reagan's favorite TV shows is Playhouse Disney's Handy Manny. On yesterday's episode, Manny and his tools went camping in a tent. This prompted Reagan to continuously ask us to go camping. We explained to her that it is just too cold this time of year to be sleeping in a tent, but that maybe this summer we would take her camping. I showed her pictures from when we had taken her camping for Ryan's birthday two summers ago, and that just sparked her interest even more. So, this morning, Ryan & I decided to give Reagan a little surprise. He got the camping gear out of our shed, and we "set up camp" right in our den! Reagan absolutely LOVES it, and she hasn't come out of the tent for more than five minutes at a time all day. Something tells me that she may be sleeping in the tent tonight, and that I may just have to deal with this obstacle in my den for a few days...

1 comment:

J&A said...

so cute! y'all are such great parents!